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LintJSON validates, formats and minifies JSON string for programmers. It even tries to fix invalid JSON for certain scenarios: those broken by newline or tab in JSON string element. Users can choose whether they want to remove, escape or ignore those invalid chars.

We hope these features can really help programmers in their daily life. It will be a great horner if people find this tool useful to them. We strive to make coder's life easier when handling JSON, since we're coders too and we know what it is like when messing with bad formed JSON string.


We value our users. Any suggestion or feedback is appreciated. Please put comment on our Offcial Blog directly. We're looking forward to hear from you!



Besides basic validation and format work, we can also fix invalid JSON string broken by newline or tab, since newline and tab are invalid within JSON element.

For reference of JSON format, reach to JSON Official Site which provides a clear clarification using structure graph.


You can be sure that your precious input data is safe.

The work to validate, format and minify JSON is done purely at frontend in browser. None of your JSON data is sent back to remote server.


We provide simple features: Validate and Minify. By saying validate actually we mean validating and formatting (pretty print) JSON string.

For convinience another 2 buttons for edit purpose are added: Copy and Clear.